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toronto, canada

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Hi! My name is Naveen Malhotra

I’m a passionate and extremely motivated new front-end developer. I believe I stand out due to my passion for continuous innovation and pushing boundaries to bring forward new ideas with the experience of 4 years in retail with a customer-first mindset. With my sales skills, I identify real-world challenges and develop applications that bring efficiency and improvement to the lives of users and also showcase which technical improvements can make a meaningful impact on the user and the business. Zeal to learn with full motivation keeps me engaged in learning and curious to know new technologies and libraries. Keeping the nature of learning from others helps me progress fast and efficiently into the project and the ultimate goal to provide a better user experience.

technical skills

  • html5 skill


  • css3 skill


  • sass skill


  • javascript skill


  • jQuery skill


  • React skill


  • visual code editor skill

    visual code

  • firebase skill


  • Git skill


  • Github skill



Freelancing Projects

  • client - ami's kitchen

    Brampton takeout joint's pillowy naans are perfect to mop up its butter chicken

    html | scss | jquery | Google Analytics | Firebase

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  • toronto, ontario, canada